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Terms and Conditions

In using and making purchases through this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms & conditions.


  • All payments to Brew Town Trading Co. are accepted through PayPal at Payments can be made securely through PayPal with or without a PayPal account. Payment information is not retained through our website. If you encounter a problem processing a payment using PayPal, please call or email the store (refer to the “Contact Us” page of the website).



  • A product description will be included with all products posted to our website. The product description will include the product breakdown (number of packs, hits, etc.), number of spots in a break, and whether all cards or hits only will be shipped.


  • A break schedule will be maintained within the “Break Schedule” tab of the website to indicate upcoming live breaks. We may make updates to the break schedule as needed based on product release dates. All events within the break schedule are as of Central Standard Time.


  • When purchasing a spot/team in any of our breaks, you will not be receiving a sealed box or case of unopened product. You will receive cards from the team you selected or are given as a result of a list random.


  • Pick Your Team Style
    When a new product is released, we will offer a number of breaks in this format so that collectors can purchase the team that they like, follow, or otherwise want. Prices for teams in a Pick Your Team style break, are determined by the possibility for hits for each team as mentioned in the product checklists.
  • Random Team Style
    In comparison to a Pick Your Team style break, a random team break consists of purchasing spots in a break and having a team assigned to your purchase. Teams are randomly assigned using a randomizer website (see Randomizing section below). For example, if a user pruchases two spots in a Random Team style break, that user will have two teams assigned to them, and cards of that team will be shipped to the user.


  • Random teams will be assigned by randomizing the order of users who purchased spots within the break and the names of the teams involved in the break. The two listings will be placed side-by-side to assign users to teams.
  • Multi-Player Cards – Based on the type of break, a card consisting of multiple players could be assigned to multiple users. In such a case, refer to the incremental rules below:
    • If one user (breaker) owns multiple teams represented on the card, the card belongs to that user. For example, if User 1 owns Team A and Team B, User 2 owns Team C and Team D, and a card consisting of players from Team A, Team, B, Team C, and Team Z is pulled, the card belongs to User 1, as the user owns the majority of teams represented by the card.
    • If the scenario above does not apply, the card will be randomized. Each user with a team represented in the card will be entered into a randomizer list, the user listed at the top will be the winner of the multi-player card.


  • In addition to Live Breaks, Brew Town Trading Co. offers personal single box breaks. When purchasing a single box, refer to the description regarding the cards that will be shipped. Please email or call the store if you would like to schedule the time when the box is opened on our Breakers.TV channel.


  • All breaks will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel unless otherwise noted in the product description. If a user purchases a single box and would not like the video to be posted to YouTube, please email or call the store.


  • Cards will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days after a break is completed. Cards will be shipped to the address listed under the PayPal payment, unless otherwise requested by the purchaser by calling or emailing the store.


  • At this time, we do not offer international shipping. If you have questions regarding a special order, please contact the store through phone or email.


  • There are no refunds or returns accepted through the purchase of a personal box or spot in a live break.